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  • Threesomes

    Check out the variety of  threesome pictures of girls having anal sex and even double penetration.


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  • Lesbian Sex

    I think it is safe to say that nobody likes to be cheated on, however how would one feel if your wife or girfriend were to go out one night, get drunk, makeout and have sex with another woman without you there? Had this act been done with another man, feeling of betrayal and humiliation would arise and your girl would be labelled a  "whore" and a "cheater". But, is your girl getting naked rubbing her hot pussy on another wet pussy really considered cheating? It is not as though she is looking to replace her significant other with another woman... It would be an act based on lust, animal instict. Men, as we all know, are more logical beings and can probably relate to instinctual behaviour. So would you be hurt or forgive lesbian experiements, like the ones below in your relationships?


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  • The Art of Blowjobs

    Ladies, this article is for you!

    I was recently discussing with my male coworkers the art of making requests in relationships (I, being female). And, the general concensus is that men will never deny do doing a task for you. However, they will ironically "screw up", do a half ass job or "just forget to remember".. The reason for this, is simple. They don't want you to ask them to do this task again and  they also hope that you will get frustrated enough that you will just do it yourself. If this sounds familiar to you ladies, dont give up! The gentlemen I work with were kind enough to let me in on these diversion techniques and admitted that throwing in a blowjob here and there will make a chore, become a willing generous act of kindness. So ladies get on your knee, and suck your man's dick and don't forget to always compliment your man on everyting they do for you.









     Perfect Blowjob

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