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  • Threesome Guidelines

    Hot girls in threesomes must fill all holes and leave their ass gaping, to know that they have been fucked well!  In this scenario we know that blowjobs are expected and that anal sex is a must, once in this sort of group situation double penetration is also very appreciated. Enjoy the eye candy folks.

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  • Threesomes

    Check out the variety of  threesome pictures of girls having anal sex and even double penetration.


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  • Anal Sex?

    With whom and how is anal sex enjoyable? By "enjoyable" I mean appreciated, is it something that men crave as much as a blowjob or is it done just on special occasions? Should Anal be done while single, in a relationship or after marriage to keep things interesting?

    I would like to hear JunkPorno's audiences' opinion on this one; in the comment section to get a better understanding on wheter or not men and women are on the same page.



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